Boomerang Bags

This weekend past has seen me doing something for my community and the environment.  I have for a while now been trying to give up the evil plastic bag in all it's guises.  Not an easy task when practically everything we purchase these days is wrapped in one or put in one to carry home.  I keep fabric bags in my car and endeavour to use them for all manner of shopping.  I have two small cloth ones in my handbag for small purchases.  All that said, there is always times when I get caught out.  So, reading my local rag I found out about Jamie McDell.  Jamie is pushing to save our oceans, one plastic bag at a time.  Not only is Jamie an environmental campaigner but an awesome singer to boot.  So on Sunday down at my local yacht club, the inaugural Boomerang Bags Community Sewing Bee was held.  The idea is to make re-usable, fabric supermarket bags.  The bags will be left in Boomerang Bag boxes in shopping centres.  So when, like me, you forget to take your shopping bags, you can borrow from the bin and then return on your next visit.

Asking for donations of fabric, I thought this was a great way for me to help with a cause close to my heart.  As every interior designer knows, you end up with a lot of unused fabric, so it was a pleasure for me to deliver some of that to the sewing bee. Caught up in the buzz and activity, I ended up staying and helping out for two hours, and the lovely Jamie entertained the troops with some of her songs.  It felt good to give back and help out with such a worthwhile cause.  Funnily enough it also inspired me to get back into my sewing which has long been forgotten. Bring on next sewing bee I say.